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Something’s gone wrong with time, and street rat Ellen Dust is the one to fix it. If she doesn’t die first.

Objects of Desire

Jess is meant to protect children but she has a dark secret, and someone knows what it is. Someone who kills.

The Seven Deaths of Quincey Radlett

A failing lawyer and a murderous young woman. Two lives on a collision course – what could possibly go wrong?

Another Judas

Breaking the rules isn’t always a good idea, nor is trusting the wrong people. Especially for a Detective Inspector on the trail of violent human traffickers. Especially when betrayal ends in torture and death.

Cold Fusion

What links a charismatic murderer who takes eyes as trophies, a sax playing Norwegian scientist in a secret lab, an abandoned woman searching for a missing journalist, and a British spook with very peculiar tastes? That’s what DI Pav McNeil has to discover – and quickly – in her new role with the UK’s National Crime Agency.

An intercepted message about bringing down governments leads Pav to a charred and eyeless body in an abandoned office block. The dead man’s laptop yields secrets that throw Pav into a web of deception that takes her from London to Scotland, and then to the barren, arctic island of Svalbard. As the body count mounts, Pav finds herself in a race against time to solve the secrets of the mysterious research project and stop the death toll rising even higher.