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Another Judas

Breaking the rules isn’t always a good idea, nor is trusting the wrong people. Especially for a Detective Inspector on the trail of violent human traffickers. Especially when betrayal ends in torture and death.

DI Pav McNeil’s love life disintegrates into ruins when she discovers that her ex-boyfriend’s dark secrets are far too close to home. After a senseless murder, Pav goes off-piste when she’s suspended from duty. Such a mistake; after this disastrous move she discovers too late that the hunter is now the prey.

Abandoned and alone, Pav finds herself lost in a labyrinth of lies and confusion as she tries to make connections between a missing girl, a basement of half-cremated bodies, a mysterious disease, and an elusive, shadowy priest at the centre of the web.

On the run from her torturers and not knowing who to trust, she finally discovers the awful extent of her betrayal.