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The Seven Deaths of Quincey Radlett

A failing lawyer who loses his lover, his home, his daughter and his wife, and ends up hiding from a mysterious stalker with a refugee from Woodstock, her preserved husband and a parrot.

A murderous young woman out for vengeance against whoever forced her to leave England twenty-one years ago for a miserable life in a Canadian trailer park.

Two lives on a collision course – what could possibly go wrong?

Quincey Radlett’s life is falling apart. Someone knows he was with his lover on the night she died, someone who might have been her murderer. Forced to leave his home, Quincey loses his job, his unacknowledged daughter and his wife. And what connection does he have with the girl who blew up her mother’s murderer in Canada, the girl who’s on the trail of vengeance against the person who forced her to leave England for a miserable life in a Canadian trailer park.

Surrounded by death and trying to save his daughter from a psychopath, Quincey finds himself next on the list to die.