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The Writing Forge

A course to take you from the basics through to writing short stories and novels

Anyone can write a novel. True, right? After some years of teaching creative writing, I soon realised that while anyone can string words together and tell a story, it takes a lot more craft to produce something that people actually want to read.

The Writing Forge Creative Writing course will take you from the basics of how to observe and mine your memory, through to creating characters that live on the page. You’ll learn how to choose the right point of view for your story, the different methods of plotting, how to construct believable dialogue, creating tension, how to get published and marketing your book.

The course has two membership levels. Bronze gives you access to the full course, including 49 exercises designed to hone your skills, for you to work on yourself. Gold membership includes all the benefits of Bronze membership plus a dedicated personal tutor who will provide detailed feedback on your writing exercises.

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